GHANA, TOGO, BENIN Festivals and traditions

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A 12-day journey through the most remote places of Ghana, Togo and Benin to discover a tribal world still guided today by the spirits of the ancestors, and by voodoo rituals.

The journey begins at Lome, the capital of Togo, here is one of the largest fetish markets, a very interesting place to visit.

We continue along the coast and reach Benin, the heart of the voodoo cult, where the priests of the cult meet and we can watch the ceremonial dances that culminate in a state of trance; Voodoo spirits exert a great influence on their followers.

The sacred place where the Dankoli fetish is located is an important place of voodoo worship, here the faithful come to pray and ask for a blessing for the crops, for love and for the family.

Moving inland and North we meet the Taneka, a population led by feticheur and curious kings; the Tamberma and their splendid fortified houses.

We enter Togo and visit the Somba, they too build beautiful fortified houses; the journey continues to discover the Togolese populations: the Kabye and Kotukuli and we can watch the fire dance of the latter.

From here we continue to Ghana and we will reach Kumasi the capital of the golden kingdom of the Ashanti, here the king of the Ashanti still lives today, who plays an important role in the country’s politics; we can visit the royal palace, one of Africa’s largest local markets and, if we are lucky, we can attend the celebration of an Ashanti funeral.

The journey ends on the coast of Ghana, the former Slave Coast where there are several forts used during the slave trade, testimony of a very sad past.

Certainly one of the most exciting and spectacular trips to West Africa, a varied itinerary full of interesting places to discover.

An incredible experience, places so far away from us and, for this reason, extremely fascinating.

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